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Doctor Who: Open World Adventure is an open world voxel-art style game set in the universe of the BBC TV series 'Doctor Who'. You play as the 7th incarnation of the Doctor, the shows main character, and explore many planets and locations from the show. Across the open world will be an enthralling, original story line. 

Please note:

  • The game is currently in extremely early stages of development, so hardly anything is available for you to play at the moment.
  • This is my first game. Yes, this is my first game. And yes, it is ambitious.

Most of the characters and music in the game are property of BBC worldwide and their respective creators.

Install instructions

Please read:

Do NOT play the game in windowed, it must be played in full screen. Currently, to exit the game, use alt+tab to switch to another window.


DWOpen.exe 27 MB

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